Poultry Processing

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Hawley Associates are world leading experts in all aspects of poultry processing.

dressed chicken

Whether you are looking to build a new poultry processing facility, expand or increase production at an existing site or need to reduce current costs and improve yield and quality, we are uniquely positioned to help and advise you.

Our lead consultant has over 30 years of poultry processing experience gained at the sharpe end solving poultry processing problems and designing new production facilities.




Here are some areas where we can offer unique help:

New poultry processing factory or production process

". . we have seen and done it all, countless times.

It is unheard of for us not to be able to help."

We are experts in all aspects of poultry processing from live bird reception right through to product despatch. We have an intimate knowledge of all equipment manufacturers and their systems, not only primary processing, but also refrigeration, freezing, cut-up, further processing and packaging. We design factories or individual processing lines to most efficiently produce the required product, focusing primarily on efficiency but also considering capital, running and maintenance costs. This ensures the very best and most profitable long-term solution. Our expert knowledge and experience can reduce project capital costs by up to 40%. We are also skilled at utilising re-cycled poultry processing equipment where budgets are tight and we have a vast range of used processing equipment at our disposal.


modern evisceration unit
Industry leading Stork Nu-Tech Nuova eviscerator

Increase Productivity or Throughput

We first became involved in poultry processing 30 years ago when average line speeds were 2000 Bph. Today the fastest lines operate at 12000 Bph. Over those years we have learned every possible trick and technique to efficiently increase throughput and productivity as well as reduce costs. From live bird reception through to chill, cut up & de-boning through to boxing, we have seen and done it all countless times. We will find the most practical and efficient way to move forward and highlight  any drawbacks we might identify on the way.

Improve Yield or reduce waste

With higher and higher line speeds and ever increasing volumes and customer demands, there has never been greater consequences to profitability and success by not extracting every fraction of a percent of yield, minimising waste or extracting the maximum revenue from by-products.

We are experts in reducing plucking room losses, increasing evisceration yields, reducing air chill losses or increasing water chill pick up. We are ideally placed to help you maximise your de-boning yields and use all our expertise gained from weighing and batching to reduce give away. We will help you ensure that you are extracting the best revenue possible for waste and by-products.


chicken processing
chicken processing machine

Rationalise exiting facilities or integrate new ones

Hawley Associates have a vast experience in considering the operations of multi-processing plant businesses with a view of increasing efficiency, removing duplication, rationalising activities or integrating new production facilities. We are very commercially minded and by using our knowledge and experience we can help you to get your multi-location operations running like a well oiled Swiss watch.