Specialist Poultry Processing Equipment Consultants and Industry Advisors

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Hawley Associates are a unique and specialist consultancy with over 30 years experience working at the "sharp end” solving problems for poultry processing companies worldwide.
As specialist poultry processing equipment and manufacturing consultants, we are able to quickly and methodically assimilate a poultry processing company's ‘DNA’ enabling us to recognise and understand issues and identify practical solutions.

Whether you need help to cut costs, increase yield and productivity, expand or rationalise or develop a totally new production facility or build a fully integrated poultry business from scratch, we will give you help and advice that will make a real difference to your bottom line.

As world leading poultry processing equipment experts, we recognise that much of our expertise crosses many other aspects of meat and food processing and our extensive knowledge of food manufacturing, chill and freezing systems along with food conveying and material handling, as well as factory design and project implementation, makes us uniquely placed to solve your problems and help improve your company's profitability.

Here are some of the reasons why we can help you in a unique way:

We're not your usual business consultants

We are both poultry processing and poultry processing equipemnt experts. We do not just listen to what you and your management tell us and regurgitate it for you in lovely looking reports. We will facilitate new ideas to overcome your current manufacturing constraints or production problems. We have been part of the poultry processing industry for over 30 years helping companies in over 40 countries. We have an intimate knowledge of every aspect of processing poultry from low line speeds in developing countries to the most modern high volume, integrated operations. We are your ideal partners should you be considering building a new factory or integrated poultry business from scratch.

We have a hands on approach

egg breaking system

We need to understand your operations by seeing them in action (warts an’ all). We are fully capable of absorbing every aspect of your business from an overall operational viewpoint right down to a specific process. We need to get our hands dirty to fully understand every detail of your current production operations and problems. We are experts in reducing production costs, increasing yield and throughput as well as reducing downgrades, water and electricity usage. We are independant and are not affiliated to any particular poultry processing equipment manufacturer so we able to advise you in an unbiased manner.


We will see what others do not

We have a unique perspective on the way we look at your business and poultry manufacturing. We have gained vast experience from seeing more than a thousand poultry, meat, fish and other food processing factories in operation located in more than 40 countries. We will open your eyes to better solutions to current problems, and ways to improve processes that you were previously happy with. We will use all our experience to assist in developing your poultry processing business whether existing or new.

We will offer you help, advice and practical solutions

We are only interested in providing meaningful help and advice. Because we are not emotionally attached to your business or involved in internal company politics, we are better placed to find the right solutions even when that may mean making difficult decisions. Whether you are looking to expand or rationalise an existing factory or process, or develop a new facility or production line, we are here to help you by making sure you move forward in the most cost efficient and practical way. We will look after the whole project for you.
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We can help you greatly reduce the costs of major capital projects

We understand how to develop a capital project in the most cost effective manor. Having worked for poultry processing equipment manufacturers for many years, we are adept at assessing the true benefits of proposed equipment and are skilled at introducing competition into the supply chain to facilitate handsome price savings and discounts. We fully evaluate every aspect of a project and don’t recommend automated systems unless they will be cost effective in your operation.

We don't just offer advice and walk away!

We want to help you over the longer term and build a strong business relationship with you. Once we have all decided on the best ways to move forward, we can help you with managing the implementation of change. We can look after the full project management including green field site development if required.